TV and Film roles

According to the laws of war - 4 (in production)
Dir: Evgeniy Serov
Leading role

Out of the game (2 season) in production
Dir: Руслан Хачмамук
Significant role

The mystery of the last chapter (in production)
Dir: Arthur Romanian
Significant role

According to the laws of war - 3
Dir: Evgeniy Serov
Leading role

Fatal SMS
Dir: Arman Gevorkyan
Leading role

Po zakonam voyennogo vremeni-2
Dir: Maksim Mekheda
Leading role

Delo Batagami
Dir: Oksana Sidorenko
Significant role

Hold my hand
Dir: Peter Borisov (II)
Leading role

Own alien son
Dir: Oleg Maslennikov, Alexander Daruga
Leading role

186 cm
86 kg
Eyes color
Hair color
dark blond with gray
Age range
40–50 years old

Native russian, intermediate english
Special skills
Dancing: ballet; Musical instruments: guitar; Sports: horseback riding, serfing, roller skating, martial arts, athletics; Other: dubbing; Driving license (car, motorbike, bus).