TV and Film roles

Chuzhiye deti (in production)
Dir: Viktor Konisevich
Leading role

Crveni mesec (in production)
Dir: Roman Majetic
Significant role

According to the laws of war - 4 (in production)
Dir: Evgeniy Serov
Leading role

Out of the game (2 season) in production
Dir: Руслан Хачмамук
Significant role

The mystery of the last chapter (in production)
Dir: Arthur Romanian
Significant role

According to the laws of war - 3
Dir: Evgeniy Serov
Leading role

Fatal SMS
Dir: Arman Gevorkyan
Leading role

Po zakonam voyennogo vremeni-2
Dir: Maksim Mekheda
Leading role

Delo Batagami
Dir: Oksana Sidorenko
Significant role

Hold my hand
Dir: Peter Borisov (II)
Leading role

Own alien son
Dir: Oleg Maslennikov, Alexander Daruga
Leading role

Zhizn prekrasna
Dir: Sergey Scherbin, Ukraine Kiev
Leading role

186 cm
86 kg
Eyes color
Hair color
dark blond with gray
Age range
40–50 years old

Base (City)
Kaliningrad, Budapest, Moscow
Base (Country)
Russia, Hungary
Representation Territory
Entire world
Native russian, intermediate english
Special skills
Dancing: ballet; Musical instruments: guitar; Sports: horseback riding, serfing, roller skating, martial arts, athletics; Other: dubbing; Driving license (car, motorbike, bus).