Marco Dinelli in “The Trap”

20 april 2019 · News

“The Trap” – is a play based on a novel of Nobel laureate in literature Luigi Pirandello. Arman Hachatrian – is the director of the play. “The Trap” - is a dramatic adventure, that each one of us should come and see in order to realize, that traps are all around us. In the play, you can see a collaboration of Italian and Latvian actors.

“The Trap” – is a play about a relationship between our continuous subjectivity and pure objectivity. Unfortunately, we are unable to capture the moment of objectivity in our minds, since our view is originally subjective. What is our attitude to life? And what is our life in reality? In the play, you can see the interaction of the two parallels. More often our thoughts about life aren’t justified and we are unable to capture life itself, to feel it. Then we die, having no understanding of what happened, why did we live and what for. 

We can summarize, that “The Trap” – is a metaphor about a place where our thoughts on life meet the actual reality.