Shooting of the series "Under military law” season 4 with Evgeniy Volovenko starring started

06 august 2019 · News

The shooting of the 4th season of the TV-series "Under military law" started in the Russian city Chernyakhovsk. Evgeny Volovenko shared new behind-the-scenes shots. The synopsis appeared on the website of StarMedia production.

It’s May 1945. Rokotov, Elagina and Fedorenko, together with the troops of the Third Belorussian Front, reached East Prussia. The world brown plague that had been brought by the hordes of fascists is defeated now. It’s Victory Day, the main characters are in a small German town near Königsberg. However all hopes for a peaceful life shall be put aside. The areas of East Prussia continued to remain front-line, now and then small groups of German soldiers broke through the south and the west. In cities, the Red Army did not meet understanding of the local population. Rokotov, Elagina and foreman Fedorenko will have to jointly solve both minor domestic problems and complex complicated criminal cases.