Shooting of the 4-episode melodrama "Who takes care of me” started

28 september 2019 · News

The film company "Bubblegum Production" began filming the series under the working title "Who is taking care of me" (alternative name "Tomorrow I will stop loving you"). The director of the melodrama is Maxim Rozhkov. Olesya Gribok will play the antagonist this time. The series will be aired on Channel Russia-1. We wish the film crew successful shooting!

Lada, the main character of the film, has an unusual profession for a woman - she is a bodyguard. Every day she has to make a deal with her conscience and at the cost of her own life to protect those whom she does not respect - spoiled and arrogant rich people. No onewould have thought that Lada would fall in love with one of her employers.