The hottest premiere of this fall - comedy “Women can be different”

09 october 1919 · News

On October 8, in Moscow, the comedy “Women can be different”(Russian: ‘Devushki bivayut razniye’) was presented to the first viewers by the director and actors of the picture. Vladimir Yaglych, Roman Popov, Artem Suchkov, Dmitry Vlaskin, Alena Chekhova, Liza Moryak, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Sarik Andreasyan, Alexey Ryazantsev, Chermen Khadikov and Gleb Fetisov appeared on the red carpet. The guests of the evening were treated to real Mexican tequila and entertained with fiery summer hits from the authentic mariachi music band.

In this film Liza Moryak got the role of a Mexican maid (however, with a Russian education!). Elizaveta Moryak - a new face for mass cinema. Having compiled a brilliant duet with Roman Popov Liza instantly makes the viewer like herself. Soon we will see a talented actress in other high-profile premieres on the silver screen. Follow our news!


The story is based on the life of  three friends who decided to ride a surf in Mexico. Everything is as it should be: ocean, girls and golden sand. It seems that nothing may go wrong. However not for our heroes, who first of all decided to ‘properly’ celebrated their arrival. Having hardly woken up in the morning after a night out, the buddies find themselves in the middle of the beach  with no memory of the previous night. But soon there appear people who refresh their memory: it turns out that last night the guys terribly hurt the international crime boss Juan, who wants to kill them for some reason. Hiding from the persecution, without money and documents, they find salvation - dress up as girls and participate in a women's surfing tournament. Victory will help win one hundred thousand dollars and leave the country. But they still don’t know that their imperfect plan will be hindered by love, secret services, the mafia and even fighting roosters.

The creators of the comedy promise a good mood to everyone who goes to the cinema to watch the movie. "Women can be different" in all cinemas of the country since October 10.