New Year's premiere on Channel One Russia- the comedy “Five Minutes to January” starring Natalya Rudova

07 january 2020 · News

2020 welcomed us with a good and christmasy premiere of the comedy “Five Minutes To January”. The main roles are played by Natalia Rudova, Dmitry Miller, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya, Kirill Pletnev and others.

Everyone knows that miracles happen on New Year's Eve. Generous for Christmas gifts, television is especially interested in miracles. But nothing foreshadowed a truly fabulous plot twist when the General Producer of the General TV Channel selected five seemingly unrelated reports and five completely different characters for the show “Five Minutes To January”: the fashionable composer Savitsky, a brave lifeguard Emergencies Ministry Major Makarov, the capricious pop diva Elizaveta Barysheva, the beginning singer, the head of the children's music studio Olesya Tsvetkova and a retiree Petrovich from the village of Babayevo, who turned out a wizard. Once in a whirlwind of incredible events they all suddenly find themselves in the snowy Babayevo. Far from the bustle of the city on New Year's Eve, each of them will meet their own happiness - in Petrovich’s joy.

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