The brave Cossack Gromov and Leningrad poet Koltsov - who will Shurochka choose?

14 january 2020 · News

Drama mini-series “Wait for me” directed by Stas Ivanov will join the list of Russian military films.  Artur Ivanov played one of the key roles in the film.


The actors frontline team performs in front of soldiers. Shurochka is a newcomer here, she came from the rear theatre. She scores success with the very first performance in front of the troopers. And it’s not just spectator success – colonel Gromov falls in love with Shurochka at first sight. His attention inspires Shurochka but soon she meets young scout- lieutenant Koltsov. The girl is to make a complicated choice between two war heroes: the brave Cossack Gromov and Leningrad poet.