Sebastien Sisak is filming in an eight-episode drama about sports trucks

08 february 2020 · News

Sebastien Sisak started shooting in the eight-series sports drama “Master” about the strongest KAMAZ-master team, the best autopilots in the world in the class of sports trucks.  Filming is carried out by the producer center of Art Pictures Group of Fedor Bondarchuk, the director's chair was taken by Stepan Korshunov,. The first episode of the NTV channel is scheduled for September this year.


the former pilot of the ‘KAMAZ-master’ racing team Denis Sazonov wants to return to his team after a 12-year break.  But this is not easy: once, becoming the youngest world champion in the history of rally-raids, he was fired from the KAMAZ-master for violating team ethics.  Denis wants to regain his sense of self-esteem and involvement in the “big deal” and win the rally-raid again. But no one is waiting for him in the team. The deputy director of the team Mr Eremin does not want to give him a chance, because he believes that Denis violated the team rules.  Sazonov gets a job as a janitor, going through all the career path from the very beginning. But he will face an unpleasant surprise: he meets his ex-wife Zhenya, who plans to take the place of the navigator and become the first female pilot in the men's team.