Premiere of ‘Daughters’ starring Veronika Likyanenko channel Ukraina

04 april 2020 · News

The premiere of the 4-episode melodrama by Roman Barabash “Daughters” with Veronika Lukyanenko in one of the main roles will take place on April 5 on Ukraina TV channel. The film also features Kirill Zhandarov, Olga Arntgolts, Daria Legeida, Radmila Shchegoleva, Alisa Debabova-Lukshina, Yuri Grebelnik and Oksana Grebenyuk.  Produced by Ivory films.


The story of Irina is in the center of the plot. In her youth she abandoned her newborn daughter.  The girl was face to face with a difficult life situation: the guy abandoned her because his father forbade him to be with her, her dad was hit by a car under unclear circumstances.  At the insistence of her mother the girl went abroad, got married and lived there for almost 18 years, until she decided to return home and find her child.


 According to director Roman Barabash, the series “captures with its life story, in which each of the characters fights for the right to be happy.  However, everyone understands this “happiness” in their own way: the mother protects her daughter from a possible destitute future by separating her from the child, the father is ready to commit murder for the well-being of the son, and the children are able to abandon their kinship ... The action of the melodrama takes place in two time intervals,  therefore, actors of different ages who have portrait similarity will embody the scenario plan».