Veronika Lukyanenko started filming in the series "Begletsy"

14 august 2020 · News

Veronika Lukyanenko has started filming in her third project this summer - a four-part adventure comedy from the studio "Quarter 95" - "Runaways" (Russian: Begletsy)

 The Gumannyy family is going through difficult times. Father Yaroslav, an artist in the past, is in a creative crisis, his wife Victoria has completely devoted herself to work, their son Timofey cannot find a common language with his classmates, and their daughter Liza is trying to imitate her friends.  Later, Victoria becomes aware of the fraud at the bank where she works.  Fleeing from the killers, the family has to move out to the village where they come into confrontation with local residents and then with the mafia itself.

The main roles along with Veronika Lukyanenko are played by Nina Gogaeva, Andrey Saminin and Misha Plavak. Dmitry Chernov, Viktor Zhdanov, Elena Khakhlatkina and others also play in the series.  Directed by Andrey Silkin.