Junsuke Kinoshita, Sebastien Sisak and Marco Dinelli are filming in Valery Fokin's new film

24 august 2020 · News

The famous Russian theater director Valery Fokin returned to the cinema after almost twenty years break to shoot the fantastic thriller-drama ‘Petropolis’ based on the story of his son Kirill Fokin “Fire”.  Recently our actors Junsuke Kinoshita, Sebastien Sisak and Marco Dinelli have joined the cast including  such actors as Anton Shagin, Yulia Snigir, Vladimir Koshevoy, Odin Land Byron and others.

The shooting takes place in Russia, America and Japan.  The main character, Vladimir Ognev, is the son of a family of immigrants from Russia.  In the early 2000s he lives and studies in the United States, where he meets Anna, his future wife.  He has a brilliant scientific career and a happy personal life.  Immediately after defending his thesis, Vladimir receives an offer - he is invited to work in a closed international organization, a special department of the United Nations.  Vladimir is offered to study a hypothetical scenario: how will human society react if it finds out that an alien civilization exists and has been in constant contact with us for many years?  Over time, Vladimir realizes that this scenario is not nearly as fantastic as it seems, and the significance of his research is by no means only scientific.  At the decisive moment, the future of the entire Earth will depend on his research.