Short starring Yulia Khamitova has been selected for Digital Encounters 2020

04 september 2020 · News

The short movie 'Sink or Swim' starring Yulia Khamitova and produced by the team from London Film School has been selected for this year's Digital Encounters Film Festiva 2020 which is a gateway to the world's leading film awards including The Oscars.

Inspired by real events, ‘Sink or Swim’ is an absurdist comedy about Kate, a young English woman, who is trying to reunite with her son after he was abducted by her ex-husband in Russia. She faces harsh Russian reality - there are no legal measures in place to protect children from being kidnapped by their own parents.


in Russia if a parent kidnaps their own biological child after a divorce, disobeying the court order, that parent will not be prosecuted in any way? That's absurd, right? That is because parental kidnapping is technically still legal.

The creators on the idea of the short: "'Sink or Swim' is so much more than just a short film. Our purpose and goal is to raise social awareness across the world and tell the stories of those desperate parents, who spent months fighting to reunite with their children, and some of them are still fighting to this day".