Killer with a subtle and sensitive soul: Edgar Gizatullin in the new project "Golden Blood"

19 september 2020 · News

The shooting of the television films "Black Orlov" and "The Degree of Death" began in Moscow in August. They open a new detective franchise about the cultural and historical secrets of the Russian capital and the confrontation of heroes with a powerful organization called "Golden Blood". The director is Philip Korshunov. Actor of our agency Edgar Gizatullin has recently joined the cast. According to Edgar, his character Matvey Kononov is a killer with a subtle and sensitive soul.

According to the plot, the culturologist Svetlana comes to a private reception at the Petrovsky Travel Palace with her husband, Professor Dremov, and this evening turns out to be fatal for her. She not only learns that her beloved husband has been cheating on her for a long time, but also finds the corpse of ... Napoleon. Of course, he is not a real emperor - just an animator in a Bonaparte costume - but he was killed quite realistically. And worst of all, Svetlana becomes the main suspect in the crime. All the troubles fell on her at the same time: she faces a divorce and a battle for a child, she loses her job and tries to find new housing, while still trying to prove her innocence to the investigator. Thanks to her extensive knowledge, intelligence and observation, Svetlana will be able to unravel a complex crime, in the center of which is the mysterious Black Orlov. And the investigator Vadim will understand that he cannot find a better partner.