Start of shooting of "Zakhar Opens His Eyes" with Yulia Frants and Ekaterina Kabak in roles

20 january 2021 · News

Shooting of a new project from the Good Story Media film company “Zakhar Opens His Eyes”, directed by Dmitry Efimovich, started in Moscow at the end of the last year. Yulia Frants will play one of the main roles, and in one of the significant roles we will see Ekaterina Kabak.

The project was already launched in 2019 with another director, but the shooting was interrupted. The aannounced cast included Sergey Bondarchuk, Vladimir Kanukhin, Boris Dergachev, Daniil Vakhrushev, Nikita Pavlenko, Anna Kotova-Deryabina and Sofya Zayka.

So far, the details of the plot have not been disclosed. However, the promising cast is already making us look forward to the project's release.