The Tale ‘Upon the Magic Roads’ with Oleg Taktarov will be screened in all Russian cinemas on February 18

17 february 2021 · News

The adventure comedy ‘Upon the Magic Roads’ will be released in Russian cinemas tomorrow on February 18. The film was directed by Oleg Pogodin, it is based on the fairy tale by Pyotr Ershov. The general, one of the key characters in the tale, was played by Oleg Taktarov. On the screens we will see him with an unusually long red beard. The film also stars Anton Shagin, Pavel Derevyanko, Paulina Andreeva, Yan Tsapnik, Mikhail Efremov, Andrei Feskov and other actors.

Johnb= is neither a tsar, nor a hero and not a handsome man as well. His older brothers consider him a fool. But everything changes when John makes friends with a faithful assistant - the little magic Foal. He may be small, but smart and courageous. No enemy is terrible with such a friend. Well, almost none. John and Foal will go on an unforgettable journey as they outsmart the tyrant King, catch the fire-bird and find John's true love upon the magic roads.