Kate Kabak presented the film "Russian South" at the premiere at the Oktyabr cinema center

27 february 2021 · News

The premiere of the Russian comedy film "Russian South" took place in Moscow at the Oktyabr cinema center. One of the roles in a funny and kind love story was played by Ekaterina Kabak. At the premiere, the actors, film crew and filmmakers walked on the blue carpet, symbolizing the element of water. Roles in the film were also played by Semyon Treskunov, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Rinal Mukhametov, Alexander Metelkin, Roman Madyanov, Alexander Robak, Sergey Lavygin, Daniil Vakhrushev and others. The film "Russian South" will be released in Russia next Thursday - March 4.



The beauty and sportswoman Ksyusha from the city of Lazurny on the Black Sea, like many girls, dreamed of finding her prince. But the prince found her himself. Not just one, but three at once! An ardent policeman, a self-confident sailor and an innocent student from Voronezh simultaneously try to steal Ksyusha's heart. In the end, a real war of suitors begins around her, and she needs to make a choice. But the beauty's heart tells her different things all the time ...