The film "Soulmates" with Alexey Fateev was released on "Russia 1"

01 june 2021 · News

On May 30, viewers of the Russia 1 TV channel saw the premiere story about the tragic fate of a woman. Alexey Fateev played one of the main roles in the mini-series. Olga Sukhareva, Vitalia Kornienko, Marina Gaizidorskaya, Alexey Medvedev, Elena Muravyova and others also starred in the film.

According to the plot, the happy family life of the main character Natalia collapses in an instant when she is informed about the death of her husband, a truck driver. It soon turns out that he was cheating on her for a long time. Natasha with her little daughter was left all alone. The young widow finds solace in alcohol. She loses her job due to addiction. Almost immediately, she is deprived of parental rights, and the girl is taken to an orphanage. Now she has to pull herself together, reconsider her past life and prove that she is a good mother ...