The premiere of the 16-episode comedy "Le.Genda" with Oleg Taktarov took place on TNT Channel

03 june 2021 · News

On May 31, TNT Channel hosted the premiere of the comedy series "Le.Gen.Da." Oleg Taktarov played one of the roles in it. Oleg also spoke about his participation in the "Legend" with "Kto glavniy.Rostov". 


According to the plot, the undefeated MMA fighter does not notice how he is betrayed by the closest people because of his narcissism and selfishness. Now professional sports are closed to him. It could destroy some people, but for the Legend this is just an excuse to get even higher.


The main character still keeps the collection of cassettes with the films "Bloodsport", "The Karate Kid", "The Way of the Dragon" and other classic masterpieces, inherited from his father. After the doping scandal, he returns to where he was raised: to the Round club, which is still run by his former coach Grigorich. In the same club, Legend again meets Anya, Grigorich's daughter - his love of childhood times. The Legend intends to rebuild the club and educate his team - not just fighters, but winners in life. They will rip apart the world's rings and cleanse the Legend's honest name. Of course, rare renegades and freaks come to train with the master obsessed with VHS, who sees the battlefield on any lawn.