Ravshana Kurkova presented the series "Contact" at a closed premiere in Moscow

09 september 2021 · News

The closed premiere of the series "Contact" starring Ravshana Kurkova took place on September 7 in Moscow. It’s a social drama about the problems between parents and children during the era of social networks. Ravshana Kurkova presented the project together with its creators and other actors. The series produced by Good Story Media and the production company ‘Sreda’ became Evgeny Stychkin's directorial debut. As noted in the press service, the premiere will take place on the video service Premiere in September, and  the series will be shown on the TNT channel this fall as well.

In the story, police officer Gleb Barnashov goes to the juvenile department. He does not understand modern children at all, especially his daughter Yulya. Of all the difficult teenagers, she is the most difficult one for him. The policeman believes that he will be able to establish contact and find out how his daughter lives - if he makes friends with her on social networks, but Yulya's father is banned in all social networks. Barnashov finds a chance to make friends with his daughter, which brings many new storylines to their relationship.