Channel One Russia hosted the premiere of the film "Russian Gorki" featuring Varvara Borodina

21 september 2021 · News

Channel One Russia hosted the premiere of the series "Russian Gorki" with Varvara Borodina in one of the roles yesterday. This is a series based on the novel by Grigory Ryazhsky, which tells about the fate of a British double agent in the Soviet Union. All-star cast, costumes, make-up create immersion in the Soviet era. The episodes will be aired from Monday to Thursday on Channel One at 21:30 Moscow time.

Summer of the 45th. The war has just ended, and everyone want to believe in a fairy tale. Two friends Mark and Peter return home, they dream of the future, of the career of artists. And it would seem that fleeting acquaintances mean nothing. But while young artists are enjoying their creative lives, it becomes clear that the seemingly ideal family holds dangerous secrets. After all, the head of the family, John Harper, is a British spy.