Premiere: Marina Goncharova in the detective series ‘48 Hours’ on Channel Five

22 december 2021 · News

On December 25 and 26, Channel Five will host the premiere of the multi-episode detective story "48 Hours", where Marina Goncharova played one of the main roles. The series was filmed by the famous actor and director Yegor Barinov, the creator of the Russian TV hit "Secrets of the Investigation". The production was carried out by Star Media Vision for Channel 5 Russia. A total of 16 episodes will be released.

The main characters of the series are operatives of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the city Investigative Committee. They are entrusted with complex cases, and only 48 hours are given to search for a criminal and his arrest. Otherwise, the suspects will have time to escape justice, the evidence may be destroyed, and the witnesses eliminated.