Mike Malton and Gayana Vardanyan in the New Year's premiere "Everything is Good"

31 december 2021 · News

The premiere of the festive comedy "Everything is Good" will take place on December 31, exclusively on START.ru. The film stars our actors Mike Malton and Gayana Vardanyan.

Nine-year-old Gosha never leaves the hospital, because viruses and microbes from the outside world are deadly for him. Fortunately, Anya is next to him - his only friend and great love.  On New Year's Eve, Anya leaves the hospital, leaving Gosha with only a phone number, and then he decides to go to the outside world and find Anya in big and vain Moscow.  But first Gosha meets courier Valera who will be his future great friend and colleague as well.  The both will quickly realize that fate itself brought them together so that they could help each other.  This is how one of those adventures begins that can change life and restore faith in miracles.