Sports drama about the legendary boxer “Mr. Knockout” will be released on February 23

21 february 2022 · News

The sports drama directed by Artem Mikhalkov “Mr. Knockout” will be released in all Russian cinemas starting February 23. In the film, we will see our actors: Ulrich Günther in the role of a German coach, and Junsuke Kinoshita in the role of a Japanese commentator.

The film tells about the life and adventures of the legendary Soviet boxer Valery Popenchenko, champion of the USSR, Europe and winner of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We will learn about his childhood at the Suvorov military school in Tashkent, his service as a border guard cadet, his first successes and failures, and his friendship with Grigory Kusikyants, coach of the Dynamo sports society. This story explains that in any, even the most prestigious fight, the main thing for an athlete is to overcome himself, his fears and weaknesses,thanks to that it will be possible to win a real victory.