Fantastic thriller "Petropolis" by Valery Fokin released

26 october 2022 · News

The fantastic thriller "Petropolis" with actor Junsuke Kinoshita in one of the leading roles will be released on October 27. The film by Valery Fokin, artistic director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, was inproduction back in August 2020. His son, playwright Kirill Fokin, wrote the script of the movie. 

Vladimir Ognev (Anton Shagin), who emigrated from Russia to the United States as a child, along with his parents who fled from the First Chechen, grew into an anthropologist. He lectures about new religions and scientific progress, looking at a young girl sitting in the audience - his bride Anna (Julia Snigir). Both of them are also being watched by a certain Japanese named Oziri (Junsuke Kinoshita), who invites Vladimir to join the secret department at the UN and predict, using tests and focus groups, the reaction of people to the hypothetical existence of aliens and their arrival on Earth. Having agreed, Ognev very quickly begins to suspect that the aliens are not a hypothesis at all, and later he even finds out that some people have been in contact with them for a long time. And now he dreams of getting into this group of the elite - including because his life was almost destroyed by this knowledge, and the next step, as the hero thinks, may be the death of the rest of the world.