The premiere of the film "Ax 1945" took place on NTV starring Guido Foehrweisser

10 may 2023 · News

On Victory Day, May 9, NTV Channel showed all parts of the military drama "Ax" with the premiere of the fourth film “Axe. 1945" . GM Production helped in the search of a German actor for one of the main roles, played by the wonderful Guido Foehrweisser.
The story takes place in the winter of 1945. The Soviet Army is conducting a successful offensive in East Prussia. Young guys without combat experience come to help. The command decides to save them and leave them in the rear, in a small estate on the coast, and Ivan Rodin is appointed commander of the unit, citing his injury. One day, one of the fighters in a barn under a layer of coal finds two large boxes filled with gold art and paintings. Pototsky, an art critic by education, briefly examines the finds and declares that this is a real treasure, Greek and Roman gold, paintings and decorations from the Renaissance, most likely looted by the Nazis from private and state collections. The owner of the estate confirmes that, probably, the boxes were left by the SS company quartered here. And, as it soon turns out, the Germans did not forget about the treasures left behind.