Wink presented the military drama “Operation Neman” with Oleg Taktarov and Vlada Verevko

11 may 2023 · News

 All five episodes of the new military drama "Operation Neman" were released in Wink online cinema. “Operation Neman” is a joint project of REN TV and Zvezda TV channels, Wink and Star Media Vision. The series will join the Wink Originals lineup. The series also premiered on REN TV. Actors of our agency  Oleg Taktarov and Vlada Verevko played in the series.

The story is based on the famous novel by Vladimir Bogomolov "The Moment of Truth". The action takes place in August 1944 on the territory of Western Belarus recently liberated by Soviet troops. The operational-search group of the counterintelligence department of the front, under the leadership of Captain Alekhin, must find saboteurs led by an experienced agent Mishchenko. For the German command, a group codenamed "Neman" is important to collect intelligence that will help determine the direction of the next strike of the Soviet army. Counterintelligence officers with Alekhin work out one version after another, but each time Mishchenko manages to slip away.