Anna Klinskaya in the leading role of the new mini-series 'Liza's Secrets'

24 may 2023 · News

'Liza's Secrets' is an upcoming 2023 Russian 4-episode melodrama directed by Tatiana Kiseleva starring the actress of our agency Anna Klinskaya. The production is carried out by the White Balance company for Domashny TV channel.

According to the story, little Liza had a nanny. But it turned out that this is a very angry woman who does not like children. In addition, it was she who was faulty for the death of Liza's mother. The child witnessed the tragedy. Years passed, Liza grew up. As an adult, the girl finds out that the same nanny married a famous collector. The heroine comes to their house and, in order to get even with the murderer of her mother, wants to be hired as a maid in their house. However, Liza's plans are in danger, because the collector has a son..