Mark Bogatyrev started filming in the feature film “Omar in the big MOVIE” for KION

13 july 2023 · News

Filming of the family comedy "Omar in the Big Movies" directed by Dmitry Grachev has started. The sequel of the web series about the adventures of a Dagestani in Moscow starring Mark Bogatyrev will be released in theaters and on KION.

Omar  gets a job as a driver in the family and in the meantime becomes the nanny of the girl Anfisa. At first glance, it seems that she lives in paradise: her parents have a lot of money, and the house looks like a museum and has artificial intelligence. In fact, the marriage of her mother (Tatyana Arntgolts) and father (Mark Bogatyrev) is bursting at the seams, and Anfisa herself is trying in every possible way to prevent their divorce by doing unthinkable things. The protagonist has his own reasons to endure the antics of an obnoxious girl: he needs a luxurious house to pose as a millionaire in front of relatives who are about to arrive from Dagestan. Meanwhile, the family's previously fired tutor Valery (Mikhail Bashkatov) has conceived a cunning plan that could ruin the lives of all the people involved.