Anna Klinskaya and Alexey Anishchenko played in the melodrama “We won’t tell anyone”

01 october 2023 · News

On September 26, the premiere of Maria Makhanko’s four-part action-packed melodrama “We Won’t Tell Anyone” took place. The main character Asya falls in love with a talented surgeon Igor and breaks up with her boyfriend. He still seeks to meet with her, and after another refusal he is found dead. Suspicion falls on Asya, who cannot reveal her alibi because she was with Igor that night. To save the girl, Igor is ready to confess, but he understands that this will only make things worse, because his wife has been appointed prosecutor in the case. The actors from our agency are Anna Klinskaya and Alexey Anishchenko.

“Asya is a kind, bright, pure girl - in a word, she is real! He knows how to experience a feeling of dedication, devotion, and of course, love. My heroine is ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of her beloved, which distinguishes her from many,” Anna Klinskaya said about her character.

The hero of Alexey Anishchenko “faced the problem of middle age. It seems to him that he has already reached all the heights, built a career and family, but suddenly his heart seems to be pierced by Cupid’s arrow, and unexpected love appears in his life, for which he has to go through a difficult path.”