The shooting of the modern film adaptation of "Kuzya the housekeeper" with Mark Bogatyrev and Zhenya Malakhova in the main roles has started

21 october 2023 · News

The Andreasyan brothers film company has started shooting the family picture "Kuzya the housekeeper" – a modern reading of Tatiana Alexandrova's children's work about the adventures of the busy brownies Kuzi and Nafani and their friends with Mark Bogatyrev and Zhenya Malakhova in the lead roles.


According to the plot, the Housekeeper escapes from Baba Yaga's captivity in his magical world and finds himself in the apartment of the girl Natasha and her parents. Kuzya needs to find his magic chest that fulfills wishes. It turns out that Kuzya himself gave the chest to Andrey, Natasha's dad, many years ago. Baba Yaga, who has penetrated into our world and wants to implement insidious plans, will try to prevent them from searching for him. A modern reading of the beloved cartoon will be filmed in the genre of family comedy.


The brownie Kuzya will be a very cute animated character, just like his friend— the brownie Nafan. The film is directed by Viktor Lakisov, a talented animation director who is already developing the cartoon "Manyunya" under the wing of Andreasyanov.


Sarik Andreasyan announced the project in April last year.
After seeing the box office success of Cheburashka, the producer decided to follow the example of his colleagues and launch several paintings for children at once: "Deniskin's stories", "Prostokvashino", "Domovenok Kuzya" and "Manyunya". Works familiar to many from childhood will now receive a second life on the screen. The film will be released next year.
We wish "Kuzya the housekeeper" stunning success and record fees at the box office!