Ivan Bosiljcic, Sloboda Micalovic and Nebojsa Dugalic in the romantic comedy “Jorgovani”

01 february 2024 · News

The first trailer for the upciming feature film “Jorgovani” with the wonderful Serbian actors of our agency Ivan Bosiljcic, Sloboda Micalovic and Nebojsa Dugalic was released.

It's a romantic comedy in which a famous acting couple goes through a relationship crisis. Their story will tell about the other side of the film industry in Serbia. Viewers will see that sometimes the life of actors is an even greater melodrama than the one we see on the screens.

Ivan, Sloboda and Nebojsa are among the most popular actors in Serbia. In addition, they all speak Russian and are happy to film in Russia. So, in 2019, Sloboda Michalovich starred in the full-length film “Sunflower” along with Kirill Kyaro. Nebojsa Dugalic starred in  in the series “Molodezhka” on STS TV Channel. Ivan Bosiljcic starred in many projects in Russia. His last appearance took place on Channel One Russia in the role of Casanova in the series “Casanova in Russia. Secret Mission".

The premiere of “Jorgovani” will take place on February 27 as part of the competition program of the annual film festival in Belgrade FEST.

Congratulations to our actors and we look forward to new offers for them!