Mark Bogatyrev and Anna Klinskaya are starring in the continuation of the comedy drama “Mastodon 2” for Okko, Premier, Wink, IVI

26 march 2024 · News

Filming of the project “Mastodont 2” with Mark Bogatyrev and Anna Klinskaya has started in Moscow. The project will be released on platforms such as Okko, Premier, Wink, IVI. The director will be Dovzhik Stanislav and Kim Marat. A total of 12 episodes will be released in the second season.

In the first season, Viktor Molodtsov, an employee of the mayor's office who is used to working the old fashioned way, unexpectedly learns that he has an adult daughter in Moscow. The young woman heads a department at the Ministry of Digital and Advanced Development, where the main character decides to get a job in order to become closer to her. To win his daughter’s trust, he will have to not only find a common language with her, but also look into the unfamiliar world of gadgets and conquer the heights of digital technology.

In the second season, new challenges and difficulties await the main character, because at the age of 60, Viktor Molodtsov realized that at any age you can start life anew and conquer “steep” peaks, the main thing is to know what you want to achieve. Despite his age, he boldly, with humor and irony, moves towards his goal, unafraid of the difficulties along the way.