The premiere of the military adventure action film “Dugout” starring Daniel Littau took place in Moscow

17 april 2024 · News

The premiere of the military-adventure action film "Dugout" took place on April 16 in Moscow. The film tells about two friends, a Russian emergency doctor Sergei and a treasure hunter from Germany Paul, who by chance are transported from our days to 1941 and find themselves in the meat grinder of the battles of the Great Patriotic War. The film was produced by the LEGIO FELIX film company with the support of the Cinema Fund, Channel One and XOVP studio. One of the main roles was played by Daniel Littau.

Sergey is an emergency doctor. His best friend, the German Paul, used to transport cars to Russia from Germany. That's how they met. Paul also has another hobby - antiques. He also looks for German awards, helmets, weapons on the battlefields and sells them for crazy money. One day, during excavations, friends find a buried dugout, which takes them back to 1941 and brings them face to face with the war - with the soldiers whose names they saw on the graves in the morning.

The main part of the filming of the film “Dugout” took place in the forests of the Pskov region, where, on an area of more than 1,300 square meters, in an ancient pine forest, trenches and bunkers of the two warring sides were built, and a grandiose battle was recreated with the participation of dozens of units of equipment and two armies of extras, including and four-legged artists - dogs and horses. Filming of “Dugout” also took place in the capital’s pavilions and on the streets of Rostov-on-Don, where modern scenes of driving by car were filmed together with the XOVP studio team and using Virtual Production technology.

“Dugout” opens in all Russian cinemas on April 25.