Premiere of the series "Morskaya Zamorskaya" with Ilgar Musaev for the Russia 1 TV channel

27 april 2024 · News

According to the plot, Irina Zamorskaya is a travel agent who works tirelessly to provide for herself and her archaeologist husband Leonid. Tormented by work and stress, Irina cannot get pregnant. The doctor suggests she switch gears and take a break from work. Irina buys a ticket to Turkey and goes to her husband, but finds him in the arms of graduate student Victoria. Upset, Irina flies away alone. On vacation, she meets Anna, who came in search of a rich husband, and military doctor Anatoly, who immediately makes an appointment with Irina. Leonid, soon coming to his senses, decides to go to Turkey for his wife. Following him, Victoria rushes to the same hotel with the firm intention of destroying the marriage of Leonid and Irina.

Meanwhile, Anna meets millionaire Mikhail, who invites the whole company to his yacht to look at the ancient excavations. No one can imagine that soon they will all find themselves on a deserted island without money and documents...