Filming of the series “My Beloved Raja” with the participation of Artyom Karasev began in Russia

21 may 2024 · News

Filming of the series “My Beloved Raja” is taking place in Abrau-Dyurso near Novorossiysk. Viewers will see in the frame the administration of the rural district, the Center for Creativity and Crafts and, of course, the beautiful landscapes of the resort village. The release date of the series has not yet been announced; it is only known that it will be shown on the Domashny channel.

In the story, a resident of India came to Russia, to the city of Divnogorsk, to open a pharmaceutical factory. Here he meets a beautiful rural teacher-translator. At the same time, Raja has Russian roots - his grandmother is from Russia. Now, of course, she lives in India, she has a luxurious house, and her grandson constantly keeps in touch with her. The main character is trying to find the old house where she used to live...

The director is Stanislav Mareev, and the screenwriters are Galina Yukelis and Tatyana Gribtsova.