Anton Lebedev in the crime detective "Look into his head 2"

10 june 2024 · News

"Look into His Head Season 2" is a Russian detective drama directed by Valeria Ivanovskaya, a continuation of the 2023 series "Look into His Head". A project of the Russia 1 TV channel

In the new season, Dr. Valery Lunin, a clinical psychiatrist and forensic psychologist in the investigation group for especially serious crimes, decides to leave the department, but by chance he is forced to start working for the FSB with a new partner, Polukarov. His long-time enemy, journalist Daria Drapova, becomes Lunin's patient after a psychotic attack and radically changes her attitude towards him. Meanwhile, Lunin's ex-wife Marina and daughter Anna return to Moscow. The girl, like her father, knows how to "look into his head": she has inherited his dissociative disorder. And now Dr. Lunin must teach his daughter to cope with her illness...


The film company "Alliance" took on the creation of the second season of the series "Look into My Head". The organization of work on the implementation of the project at each stage, including ensuring and maintaining a creative atmosphere on the set and beyond, was undertaken by producers Olga Zhuravleva and Maxim Korolev. The director of the film was Valeria Ivanovskaya, the original plot was developed by the scriptwriter Boris Gaiduk