Premiere of the series "Galka" on channel Russia-1 with Yulia Romashina and Junsuke Kinoshita

11 june 2024 · News

Nurse Galina is adored by patients and colleagues - and that’s why they kindly call her Galka. She likes her job, Galka dreams of entering a medical university to become a doctor, and is planning a wedding with her boyfriend Sergei. But the suddenly revealed truth puts an end to her plans. The girl finds out that her parents – Tamara and Vitya – are not her relatives. It turned out that the mother, trying to hide her betrayal from her husband, replaced the children in the maternity hospital - her dark one with someone else's light one. Galina decides to find her biological mom and dad at all costs in order to understand how her fate really could have turned out.

Director: Roman Nesterenko