Marta Timofeeva as embodyment of spirituality in drama 'Motylyok'

30 november 2018 · News

The premiere of the drama 'Motylyok' by Konstantin Khudyakov took place on the 22nd of November in Moscow. Our young actress Marta Timofeeva played one of the leading roles. At the moment of shooting Marta was only six years old, but up to now she's wrapped dozens of films.

The girl played by Marta proves to the main characters, a bordello hostess, a gambler and a gangster, that while you're still alive, you can make bad things right. As embodyment of spirituality, fairness and innocence, she drastically changes their lives. Together with Marta in the movie play Alena Babenko, Anatoliy Beliyy, Ivan Okhlobystin, Artur Vakha, Emmanuil Vitorgan and others.