Elena Velikanova in a detective TV Series ‘Poisoned Life’

12 december 2018 · News

The new 4-episode TV Series is based on the novel by a famous writer Anna Malysheva.

The main characters of ‘Poisoned Life’ Alexandra (actress Elena Velikanova) and Grekov (actpr Maxim Shegolyov) are preparing for their wedding and are carrying out an investigation on a mysterious death of a young student of Arts. Fantastic decorations at the scene of the crime, a spindle with golden threads, broken mirror and an unusual dressing of the victim make Sasha remember of Early Renaissance Italian Art. But this victim turns out to be not the only one. While unraveling the mystery, Alexandra will expose the criminal conspirancy very nearly becoming a victim herself.

Will the main characters manage to untie a complicated knot and solve the crime? Will the deranged murder-collector be punished?

Fans of detective stories can find the answers to these questions on TV Center Channel.