Premier of the “Battalion”

10 june 2019 · News

Directed by Alexey Bystritskiy, premier of the “Battalion” took place. Talented actor of the GM Production Pavel Yudin took part in the shootings, together with such actors as: Dmitry Ulyanov, Mikhail Babichev, Polina Yastrebova, Pierre Burelle and others.

Action takes place in 1999 in Yugoslavia, the country is about to be parted. There is famine, devastation and looting. Alban part of the population wants to separate from the Serbs, despite the fact of a prior peaceful coexistence, between the two nations. One of the most important objects, strategically wise is Prishtina airport. So, if the Kosovo liberation army led by Brahim – will conquer the airport, local Albanians will start genocide of the Serbs.

Swat group from the General Intelligence Department has been sent onto the object. So, their task was to prevent weapons handover to the Kosovo militants, as well as prevent seizure of the airport. The situation is worsened, when the airspace is being closed, there are no weapons and there is around ten hours of walking until the closest battalion. It comes out, that the only person, that could try and help the situation is Andrey. Andrey is a spy, that was integrated into the army of Kosovo, earlier. However, at the exact same time, his girlfriend Venera is being kidnapped – implementation of the task becomes questionable. Andrey has to decide what is more important for him: protection of the homeland or liberation of his beloved one.