Liza Moryak in the leading role in the movie “Homeland”

17 july 2019 · News

Sarik Andreasyan, the director of such sensational movie as “Unforgiven” and “Guardians” will make s a story about immigrants with a significant name “Homeland”. The shooting took place in America in the city of Los Angeles and in Moscow. The actors had to talk a little bit in English on set, but on the whole the film will be in Russian. Dmitry Nagiyev, a well-known Russian actor, was invited to play the leading character. We are also pleased to announce that the actress of GM Production agency Liza Moryak was starring. Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Yuriy Stoyanov, Vladimir Yaglych and others play alongside.

In the center of the story there is a man who went to live in the United States, but cannot become a typical American because of his warm feelings and memories of the homeland. Memories of Russia, where people mentally differ from average Americans, his own childhood, the food that the grandmother prepared with love for him - all this affects the actions of the main character and leads him to conclude that a person’s homeland always remains the same for life. As the director of the movie said on his Instagram: "This is a film about love for one’s Homerland, which does not depend on politics or on any external factors, this is about love that is in the heart and is against all odds."

The release of the film is scheduled for February 2020. Looking forward to it!