Elizaveta Moryak: “Success comes to those who are patient.”

07 august 2019 · News

Together with our wonderful actress Elizaveta Moryak we look forward to the release of the four full-length films with Liza playing, in three of which she plays the leading role! These are  “Artek” telling about a pioneer camp and the good Soviet past, comedy “Girls can be different”, family film “Robo” and a story about emigrants “Homeland”. In these films Liza worked with Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Dmitry Nagiev, Maria Mironova, Yuri Stoyanov and other prominent Russian actors, directors and producers.

In this regard, we suggest our readers get to know Liza a little better. In an interview with a journalist Liza shared her memories from childhood, spoke about her dream role, her attitude to motivation and much more! Read the interview on the VLVmag website!