The shooting of the mystical horror “Row 19” with Marta Timofeeva is over!

11 march 2020 · News


“The shooting of my first Russian-language project has ended. It was frantically cool and incredibly epic! Everything as I like: burning people alive, slightly revived dead people, explosions, black magic, blood, tears. But in the end, everything, of course, is about love. I am infinitely grateful to everyone who was on board with us - for your work, your diligence and your patience! I love you friends, you are all living legends for me, ” Alexander Babayev, director of the mystical horror ‘Row 19’ told. 

According to general producer Rafael Minasbekyan, “we have been dealing with the so-called“ horror films ”since 2018, the first film was“ Mermaid. Lake of the Dead, ” success of which inspired us to continue to engage in this genre. This is our fifth mystical horror. ‘Row 19’ is an exciting story and is of incredibly high quality. It is very rare for a Russian horror - stars of the first magnitude play in the film. I’m sure all fans of the genre will like it very much and the story will give you a storm of emotions. ”

The story tells how a young doctor Katya (Svetlana Ivanova), together with her six-year-old daughter Diana (Marta Timofeeva) flies in a terrible bad weather on a night flight, which turns into a series of chilling events. In the half-empty cabin, one after another, unexplained deaths of passengers begin to occur. Losing the boundaries of reality, the heroine will have to face her own fear and relive the main nightmare from her childhood.


“Row 19” will be the first film of the trilogy. The movie will be released in 2020.