Rodimin is back in business: Dmitry Kozelsky in the new episodes of the detective series “Svoi”

18 april 2020 · News

Channel 5 will show the new series of the detective "Svoy" with Dmitry Kozelsky in one of the main roles on April 20.  His character Rodimin is an incredibly gifted conflict expert and leader. He is able to convince almost any person that he is right and make them do exactly what Rodimin needs.  At the same time, the interlocutor has a feeling that he and Dmitry reached a mutually beneficial compromise. Well-educated and delicate, he is able to quickly solve any conflict with his voice, gestures, and correctly chosen words.  Noone really knows Dmitry's true nature though. He dresses with taste, his style is an amazing mix of classics and bohemian negligence. Like his body, his nature is also always dressed in an impeccable costume: both traditional and creative at the same time.  He painstakingly creates the image of a modern cynical and cold-rational businessman, but a very bright and gifted nature tears out and suddenly he gives out a completely unexpected and brilliant solution that breaks all previous schemes.

'Svoi' is a team of the best experts from different institutions who gathered to solve the most uncommon detective riddles. A medical assessor, a criminalist, an interviewer, a programmer, a psychologist and even a psychic! Each with their own character, weaknesses and of course super-powers. However, they are all normal people just like us.