Very soon we will see Ivan Bosiljcic in a new psychological thriller with elements of the black comedy “Iliana. Believe me ".

28 april 2020 · News

A full-length film, ‘Iliana. Believe me’, produced by the Domino Film Company film will be released in Russian cinemas soon. A psychological thriller with elements of a black comedy created for fans of action-packed series. The main roles are played by Ivan Bosiljcic, Ina Barron and Viktor Sukhorukov. Screenwriter and director, as well as one of the producers of the series is Vladimir Koyfman.


Fyodor, a famous art patron and collector, meets Iliana at the opening of a gallery exhibition. He is charmed by Iliana’s ethereal beauty, sophistication, and intellect. A casual tet-a-tet in front of the painting “Polyanitsa’s Smile” becomes the sudden parallel to their newly merged fate.


Years later, after married life has taken its toll, Iliana confesses to Fyodor about peculiar events, that led to her former husband’s death, one that she herself observed. This out of the blue confession, in addition to a sudden shift in her personality and increasingly odd behavior, puts Fyodor on edge. With their relationship having already become distant and Feodor’s interest in the marriage having waned, Iliana’s confession gives him reason to suspect that she might know about his numerous love affairs. What does she know? What is she after? What will she do?


Iliana invites their mutual friends, Igor and Margarita, over for a casual dinner at home. During dinner we discover that Margarita is just one of a myriad number of Fyodor’s lovers.  What will happen at dinner? Who’s set up surveillance cameras in Fyodor’s home to watch as the situation unfolds?