The film by Konul Nagiyeva became the finalist of a prestigious festival

13 july 2020 · News

Congratulations to Konul Nagiyeva! Her film “It can’t be real” (screenwriter, director and actress of which she is), became a finalist in the Best cinematography category at the ARFF festival in Paris.

Leyla, a jazz club singer in Istanbul. As a child, she witnessed the unhappy marriage of her parents and their separation, the alcohol addiction of her mother, and her father's depression. Traumatized from these experiences, she detached emotionally from her father, HIKMET, and never really connected to any other person. The meeting with the street photographer MURAT completely will change her life. Murat stumbles on drunken Leyla on the street. After a while, a great love begins between them. For Leyla, this love has a different meaning in her life, and she is afraid of it. She wants to go back to her old life, but it's too late. Leyla needs to make a choice. Back to the past and live her nightmare again or stay with Murat and try to find a key to the real world.

The director on her movie: “It can’t be real tells us the story that every pain source we cannot forgive or choose not to forgive, paralyzes our entire life and until we do forgive, we remain in a knot for the rest of our life. It tells the truth that in this universe we have our addictions and we embrace each other even though we hurt each other from time to time. People’s pain is rooted in the past.

The film is actually about a woman who tries to ‘‘wake up’’. But it will need to pass a lot of paths that really was just her projection. As each day passes, it is no coincidence that Leyla, who cannot forgive her father, slides into the same fate of her mother.

Affecting the topic of alcoholism, the problems between parents and children the main task is to show that all that we see is just an illusion. This is the game of our brain, which is actually based on the records of past and these records are projecting our future. Reality is only now, this moment. Awareness and forgiveness is the way to find the key to real life. Our illusory world is built on separation and condemnation. The reality is quite different. There is only love”.