Elena Velikanova began filming in the new project "You Fit Me"

26 june 2021 · News

Elena Velikanova and the film crew of the Russkoye film company broke a traditional film plate on the first day of the shooting of the film “You Fit Me”. The actress shared this news on Instagram: 'Dear doctors and all paramedics, there have already been many films made about your titanic work, and how many more will be filmed about saving lives ... thanks ...'


Dina, an anesthesiologist at a hospital near Moscow, finds out an unpleasant diagnosis. She has only a year to carry and give birth to a child. Dina has no man - she is withdrawn and cold, too busy at work. In fact, Dina just "froze" her feelings after a painful romance. Friends come to the rescue - the carefree beauty stylist Margo, the strict teacher Julia and the kind-hearted pastry chef Nastya. Friends have not parted since school years and know everything about each other. All of them are lonely and beaten by life, and this state of affairs has become commonplace for a long time. But a new challenging task also poses new questions for them - are they happy? Are they ready to step out of their comfort zone and go in search of happiness?


Yulia Galkina, Ekaterina Kopanova, Violetta Davydovskaya, Mikhail Pshenichny, Vladimir Feklenko, Alexander Patsevich, Alexey Demidov and others also starred. The director is Vladimir Ustyugov.