Julia Dovganishina spoke about filming in the action-packed drama "Private Life" on "Russia 1" Channel

15 september 2021 · News

‘Russia 1’ Channel hosted the big premiere of the 16-episode action-packed drama ‘Private Life’ , which reveals the issue of domestic violence and make people think about what is happening in society today and, perhaps, right the next door. One of the main roles in the drama was played by our wonderful actress Julia Dovganishina. We asked the actress a couple of questions to get to know her better and learn about filming in the project and her opinion on the problem.


- Julia, tell us about your heroine and what role does she play in this whole story?

My heroine is the personification of femininity and meekness. But at the same time, it is not devoid of an inner core. Her parents successfully married her to an investigator, but at the same time she really loves her husband and values ​​his opinion. He really wants the first child to be a son, but all test results show that she carries a daughter, so every time her husband forces her to have abortions.

They are friends with the main character. They both face different forms of domestic violence, and this brings them closer together. As a result, my heroine uses her legal degree and successfully defends Lena in court.

Mentally, my heroine is very strong - she listens and hears herself and therefore is not afraid of losing everything for the sake of her peace of mind and her goals. Such women delight me. After all, it is very difficult to give up love and neglect public opinion, even for the sake of your own safety. I'm happy to embody these particular feminine traits in my character, and I think I really succeeded in it.

- Was there any special moment during filming that you remember?
The most vivid memory is when once my temperature rose to 38.4 on set. I was immediately given an express test for the corona virus - it turned out to be negative. It was impossible to cancel or reschedule the shooting. The most famous artists were gathered, who, of course, have a lot of work. As a result, I worked the full shift, between the takes I immediately put on a mask so that, God forbid, I did not infect anyone. It was hard. And the next day I did another test at the hospital and the covid was confirmed. No one got sick, so medical masks really save!


- What do you think is the outlook for domestic violence in our country? Will something change for the better?
Domestic violence is a worldwide and truly dire problem. The statistics are terrifying. And my close people, unfortunately, also faced domestic violence, which causes very large (including mental) trauma. I am glad that in Russia we finally started talking about this openly and began to attract public attention. But personally, I am no less worried  about moral violence apart from physical one, when the aggressor beats with words and exerts emotional pressure on the victim. This sometimes leads to even more serious consequences. The methods of influence are very different - from simple manipulation to shouts and threats. Of course, it is difficult to determine the line where the violence begins, but nevertheless ..

The worst thing is that we do not have laws that would criminalize the abuser. No one is sent to prison for beating. The girl cannot even call the police if she is beaten at home. We consider this to be "family problems".

I think that the more we talk about it - in movies, TV shows or just on the net, the sooner we will get rid of this problem. This is really important, and I am glad to make my own small contribution to the development of this topic, playing one of the roles in "Private Life".

It would be very correct if the aggressors themselves began to take an interest in the issue and admit their abusive behavior. That would really be the solution to the problem. It is difficult, but possible. After all, we are all human. And they all have their own psychological characteristics. For some, they manifest themselves this way. And it is better, in this case, to turn to a specialist who will find the reason and help pacify himself. After all, no one wants to deliver pain to their loved ones and seem like a monster. You just need to ask yourself a question and look at yourself from the outside.


In the center of the plot are the secrets of the seemingly prosperous Ivanov family. The beautiful Lena, who chose to take care of her home and family instead of a career, was held hostage by her tyrant husband Andrey. The situation is complicated by the fact that the spouses have a son. Perhaps everything would have remained behind closed doors, as in most such families, but life makes its own adjustments. An unexpected circumstance - and terrible secrets burst out. The heroine must save herself and her little son from the man who made their life hell.