Dmitry Kozelsky became the coach of Chelsea: “Eleven Silent Men” in cinema February 17

16 february 2022 · News

 The premiere of the feature film ‘Eleven Silent Men’ took place yesterday in Moscow. And tomorrow, February 17, the long-awaited film about the incredible tour of the Dynamo football team in England is released in all Russian cinemas. Dmitry Kozelsky played Chelsea coach Billy Birrell in the film.


"Eleven silent men" is dedicated to the legendary tour of the Soviet football team Dynamo in Great Britain in 1945. The ‘ancestors’ of football looked down on non-professional Soviet players - locksmiths and plumbers from who saw the ball just between their work shifts. That game in 1945 ended with a score of 19: 9 in favor of the Moscow Dynamo. After that, the boys in Britain began to draw the letter “D” on their T-shirts and imagine themselves Soviet football players.

“This is one of the greatest events in the history of Soviet and Russian football. Soviet cinemas have been spinning a documentary about it for a year, ” director and producer Alexey Pimanov says. - There is no politics in the script; there are a lot of kindness, humor, drama, and, of course, football in it. We will show the story of how well two peoples treated each other in 1945."

“I formed a special cast for a very long time, they all know how to play football for real. This will be the first shooting when they will work without stuntmen. I hope that it will be real football and not the falsity. You know, the actor’s head, and the legs of a stuntman, ” Pimanov emphasized.