Big premiere on Сhannel One: Ivan Bosiljcic in the leading role of the 12-episode film "Casanova in Russia"

12 december 2022 · News

From December 12 to 15, Channel One will air a 12-episode film 'Casanova in Russia'. This is an adventurous detective about the journey of the famous conqueror of women's hearts, Giacomo Casanova, to our country. The premiere is especially long-awaited for our Agency, since the role of Casanova was played by the wonderful Serbian actor Ivan Bosiljcic.

The story revolves in 1762. The palace coup took place in Russia- Catherine is forced to sign an obligation to return the throne to her son Paul when he comes of age. Many people are trying to get such an invaluable instrument of influence on Russia. The Vatican entrusts this matter to Casanova - so he can atone for all his previous sins. To do this, Casanova needs to charm three ladies: the one on the throne, the one that sells the document, and the one that will save Casanova himself. Deadly dangers await the great heartthrob at every turn. And even when the priceless document is in his hands, Casanova disposes of it in a completely different way than he was instructed.

The idea of the series was born six years ago - when Giacomo Casanova's memoirs "The Story of My Life" were republished. Russian filmmakers could not pass by such a wonderful love and adventurous story in which for the female audience there is an ideal and noble lover, and for the male audience there is a fearless traveler, a desperate adventurer and duelist. Moreover, the book contained a chapter about visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow.

“The memoirs contained a clue to the main storyline - Casanova bought a serf girl in St. Petersburg and, for fun, began to teach her noble manners - reminding the plot of Pygmalion. All other passions were just a matter of technique,” says co-writer and producer Anatoly Chizhikov.

“When I began to study his biography, I realized that the hero is much more interesting than the well-known black and white image. I discovered the versatility of his personality: Casanova was a writer, surgeon, polyglot, inventor, teacher, military man, musician and spy. Most of all, I was intrigued by the understanding that his memoirs, in fact, are his confession - as if he was confessing to a priest ... I saw in this virtue and some kind of repentance, great longing and hope for love. As a result, my Casanova turned out just like that, ” says Ivan Bosiljcic.

Watch the series "Casanova in Russia" - on December 12-15 at 21:45 on Channel One Russia.